2010 tree seedling scarce across environmentally precious Oak Ridges Moraine


KING CITY, ON, November 22, 2010...This past year proved poor for seed collection on the Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM), one of southern Ontario’s largest and most ecologically important landscapes.

The ORM is one of many regions that Trees Ontario, the largest not-for-profit tree planting partnership in North America, is dedicated to restoring. It stretches 160 kilometres from the Trent River to the Niagara Escarpment and crosses 32 different municipalities. Thirty-two per cent of the ORM is covered in forests that provide many benefits to our local communities:  they replenish our oxygen, filter pollution from our air and provide housing to many different species of plants, birds and wildlife.

In recognition of the importance of the ORM’s forests to our local environment, the Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation (ORMF) partnered with Trees Ontario in 2006 to ensure a plentiful supply of seedling would be available each year for planting across the ORM. Together the organizations have focused on seed supply forecasting and seed collection efforts to reforest and restore the ORM’s forest cover.

“Thanks in part to the ORMF’s initial support of Trees Ontario’s seed forecasting project four years ago, 382,000 appropriate seedlings have been planted on the Moraine since 2006 and a seed forecasting website has been developed for use across southern Ontario,” says said Robert H. Keen, RPF, Trees Ontario CEO. “The website allows Trees Ontario partners and the general public to provide seed information to the organization, a significant contribution in assisting our target of supporting the planting of 10 million seedlings by 2015.”

A major obstacle to protecting and restoring the ORM continues to be the limited supply of locally grown native tree sources. It is important that seeds continue to be collected from native, healthy trees to ensure sufficient, locally-sourced seedlings will be available to preserve and enhance the ORM’s forests. When non-native seeds are used, it is possible that they will develop into poor quality trees and disease-susceptible forests.

Seed forecasting and collection are central to the well-being of the ORM. If you are a property owner on the area and have trees that produce a healthy amount of seed, please contact Trees Ontario. 


The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation was founded in 2002 as a governing body dedicated to thee enhancement and preservation of the Moraine as a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. Comprised of an independent board of directors, the ORMF has diligently distributed in excess of $14 million in grants to 177 projects since 2002. Working closely with Moraine partners, the ORMF leveraged an additional $35.8 million in funding for land securement; stewardship; education and public understanding; the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail; and research projects. For more information about the ORMF, visit http://moraineforlife.org/.

About Trees Ontario

Trees Ontario, working with its partners, is the largest, not-for-profit tree planting partnership in North America. It is committed to the re-greening of Ontario through a range of tree planting activities. The goal of Trees Ontario is to restore the province's tree planting capacity, especially throughout southern Ontario on private lands, by providing funding and planning support for its tree planting partners including local Conservation Authorities, Ontario Stewardship Councils, municipal governments and community volunteer groups. To learn more, support and participate, visit the Trees Ontario website at ww.treesontario.ca.





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2010 tree seedling scarce across environmentally precious Oak Ridges Moraine

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