Site Map

Welcome to the site map page. From here the site menus can be maintained and updated. To add new pages to the site simply insert a new entry into the bullet list below. The levels shown in the list represent the level at which the entry will show up in the menus. Only items at the first two levels will appear in the top menu. The format for new entries is:

Which appears as follows as HTML code:

<li><a href="{Target Page}">{Name for Top Menu}</a> {Name for Site Menu}<span class="newsSummary">{News Summary}</span></li>


{Target Page} is the URI of the page
{Name for Top Menu} is the text which will appear in the top menu bar and in the bread crumb trail at the bottom of the page
{Name for Site Menu} is the text which will appear in the left site menu, this is optional, if it is not provided the top menu name will be used instead.
{News Summary} is the summary blurb for this news article to appear on the home page. Any page which this is entered on will be treated as a news item. Only the first 3 news items will appear on the front page.

The site map contents begin below. To avoid any confusion, please ensure that the first item is the home page for the site.

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