Land Securement

Object 3 of the ORMF’s Charter is “To preserve, protect and restore the environment, including water resources and natural features of the Moraine by acquiring and otherwise securing land (including conservation easements) on the Moraine or by funding the acquisition or securement by Registered Charities of land (including conservation easements) on the Moraine.”

The ORMF has helped many partners obtain land according to our Land Securement Strategy. ORMF activities have complemented and benefited various parties involved in land securement along the Moraine.

Securement activities given priority for ORMF funding included those that helped with:

  • Securing a route for the Oak Ridges Trail System; securing critical natural areas that enhance or strengthen existing holdings; restoring natural linkages where it can be demonstrated that resulting connections improve ecological integrity; and
  • Protecting key water resources, such as wetlands, kettle lakes or buffers for cold-water streams.


For more information read the ORMF’s Land Securement Strategy (PDF:426 KB) .



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