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About the Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation

The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation (ORMF) is a non-profit organization mandated to preserve and enhance the Oak Ridges Moraine (Moraine). Originally established as a granting agency in 2002 following the implementation of the Provincial Government’s Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan (ORMCP), the ORMF has successfully provided funds to many different partners in support of stewardship, education, research, the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail and land securement projects.


The ORMF’s role has recently changed, and while our granting role is currently suspended, we still have a pivotal role to play if the Moraine is to remain protected in the future. The ORMCP is scheduled for review in 2015, and while plenty of positive work has been done on the Moraine over the last eight years, there are still outstanding goals that need to be met. We believe that as a result of our stakeholder relationships, ability to effectively manage provincial funds and knowledgeable understanding of environmental issues relating to the Moraine that the ORMF is best positioned to assist the Province in meeting the previously established goals of the ORMCP. The tasks associated with these goals include:


  • Policy and Monitoring Efforts: The primary objective of the Plan is to ensure that only land and resource uses that protect the ecological and hydrological integrity of the Moraine are permitted. The ORMF can take a strong leadership role in the development and implementation of a monitoring system for the Moraine to prepare for the 2015 review.
  • Land Stewardship: The ORMCP’s regulatory measures alone will not ensure the Moraine’s ecological and hydrological functions are protected. Non-regulatory measures such as land restoration are necessary for the Moraine to remain preserved and enhanced. The ORMF has proven successful in supporting such activities.  
  • Land Securement: Land securement ensures that areas on the Moraine with high ecological and hydrological value can be acquired and managed appropriately. The ORMF has secured more than 5,500 acres of Moraine land and would ideally like to secure more if refunded.
  • Education and Outreach: Protection of the Moraine requires public support, which is gained through from education and knowledge. The ORMF is capable of helping citizens make choices in their daily lives that are less harmful to our natural environment based on an extensive knowledge about the Moraine and Moraine-related issue.

For more information please read:

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